Global concern as digital addiction continues to grow.

We are currently faced with a host of complex digital issues that we have never faced before. Many people are simply not aware their digital habits can be addictive. This addiction can also have a negative impact on their life and the people close to them.

Digital addiction was first diagnosed as Internet Addiction in 1996 By the late Dr Kimberly Young, an American Psychologist. The launch of the smartphone and increased availability of internet connections have seen a sharp rise in our dependency on technology.

Children are particularly vulnerable to overuse of digital devices and it can hinder their development. Parents may be unaware of this or also heavy digital users themselves.

To grow and prosper in a digital world we need to learn how to develop healthy digital habits as prevention is often the best cure. Users need clear guidelines on the causes, symptoms, and potential remedies of digital addiction. It is vital to educate users to improve their understanding of the impact excessive digital consumption can have on their well being.

This is why maintaining a positive digital diet is so important to our mental health and well being.

The Digital Wellness hub offers an online resource, where people can obtain information, seek advice on areas of digital use or potential treatment for Digital Addictions.

If you are concerned about your digital use or have friend or family member that required assistance please get in contact with us or check our Digital Addiction page for free information.