Welcome to the Digital Wellness Hub.

Digital wellness Hub specialises in bringing together a myriad of digital issues that impact on our mental well-being.

Fragmented concentration, cyber security issues, oversharing, problematic internet use, cyberbullies, social media compulsions, online gaming are just a few of the excessive screen time issues that are changing the way we think and, in some cases, physically operate.

We understand that technology is not going to go away and that through educating the user we can help to understand how excessive use of digital devices, or as we prefer to call it ‘your digital diet’ impacts on your mental health. We have called this the Digital Wellness hub because we want to create an online meeting point ‘Hub’ where people can find expert information on areas of digital addiction. We also offer simple, practical solutions to help you change your digital diet and protect yourself against the overwhelming digital tide.

Whilst primarily aimed at parents and schools, who are currently faced with a host of complex digital issues which they have never faced before, our educational focus and clear workable solutions can be adapted to most environments.

Lets Build Digital Communities

South Korea are building hundreds of digital detox boot camps, the UK is seeking to employ an extra 8,000 school counsellors and the USA has its digital detox centres that cost parents thousands of dollars. Great as they may sound they all work on the individual. None look to tackle the issue of excessive screen time at community level.

Think about it, you have an addiction to digital devices. The last thing you need after counselling or rehab is to return to an environment where there is no support network and poor digital habits are common place.

People who suffer from other forms of addiction, like gambling, alcohol, smoking etc. can take action to avoid areas or people who practice those habits. They also have support networks to keep them free from their addiction, but its not that easy with digital addiction.

We live in an online world where the internet is woven into the very heart of our communications network. Banks, business, friends, all use the internet to communicate so its impossible to avoid using the internet if you are to participate in that world. Without support in this type of environment, old habits can resurface very quickly.

With 64% of children using education networks to connect online schools are very much in the front line of screen addiction problem. Using a friends house to connect to the internet is next at 57%.

The two biggest connection points for teenage online use are both rooted in the local community and that is where we need to go if we are to create positive digital environments.

Schools, supporting the local community they serve by hosting digital addiction awareness presentations. As parents become more aware of the issues of digital addiction they can meet and discuss this with other parents and help to support each other in limiting the screen time of their children.

To help get this process started I have created a free presentation (including notes) for you to download.

If you would like assistance in setting up a presentation evening within your local community or school please do not hesitate to contact me. Lets get the message out into the community!