Digital Wellness

Get you Digital Diet right and create positive digital relationships.

Research indicates our digital consumption is having an impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Fragmented concentration, cyber security issues, oversharing, problematic internet use, cyberbullies, social media compulsions, online gaming are just a few of the issues that are changing the way we think and, in some cases, physically operate.

Technology is here to stay, its part of everyday life, we are not going to change that. To grow and prosper in a digital world we need to learn how to develop healthy digital diets to prevent our minds becoming overloaded with unnecessary digital habits. After all our thoughts are a consequence of what we consume, those thoughts determine our actions.

In short the old computer term GIGO (garbage in garbage out) holds a little relevance here because if our digital consumption deteriorates so do our thoughts and actions. That's why maintaining a positive digital diet is so important to our mental health and wellbeing.

Digital Wellness hub is an online resource or 'Hub' if you like, where people can find ideas and advice on areas of digital use from internet addiction to changing your digital habits.

Whilst primarily aimed at parents and schools, who are currently faced with a host of complex digital issues which they have never faced before, our educational focus and clear workable solutions can be adapted to any environment.